Here’s how you can serve the mocktail you made:

1. Building method: Add the ingredients one by one in the serving glass, starting from the ice, if it is included in the recipe.

2. Stirring method: Stir gently the ingredients with the ice, using a spoon in a mixing glass. Then, strain the mix.

3. Shaking method: Shake the ingredients with the ice in a shaker for at least 20 seconds. Strain the mix leaving the shaken ice inside the shaker and pour the mix in the right glass.

4. Blending method: When you want to use a combination of fruit, solid foodstuffs, ice etc. in your mocktail, put all the ingredients in an electric blender and blend until it is thoroughly mixed. If the fruits are mashed, the ice must be added after the fruit purée in order to avoid the possibility of your drink becoming very watery.

5. Layering method: Place the ingredients on top of each other in layers when they are of different color, taste or texture. You can easily create the layers by using a small spoon.

Balance sweet and sour

Mixing lemon juice and sugar syrup at a ratio of 1:1, you will have an equally sweet and sour taste. Taste is subjective though, so it is encouraged that you adjust the balance in your mocktails by adding more lemon juice or syrup. Adjust and use this method in every recipe.

Use agave instead of sugar

For your mocktail, you can alternatively use agave instead of sugar. Agave is more fructose content and less glucose content. Have in mind that agave syrup is 30% sweeter than sugar, so when you replace sugar with agave, add half of the initial sugar quantity (e.g. for 100 gr. of sugar, use 50 ml of agave syrup).


If you do not have a measuring jug or device, no worries… A tablespoon is equal to 15 ml and a teaspoon is equal to 5ml.


Probably the most essential mocktail ingredient. If you wish to use your own homemade ice, make sure there are no unpleasant odors from the freezer.

Serving glass

The glass you use to serve the mocktail is significant to ensure that the mocktail is preserved in the desired temperature and its taste or aroma is not tampered. Some of the most famous glasses used for mocktail serving are the Old-fashioned (short, heavy, thick base), the Highball (tall and narrow), the Collins (taller that Highball), tall wine glasses and tall glasses with embossments (Tiki). However, don’t sweat it. Jars you have at home are just as good and plastic cups for your party are always in…

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