Herbal G & T

Herbal G & T (sparkly and fresh)



  • 45 ml non-alcoholic gin

  • 25 ml Herbal Syrup

  • Tonic

  • Regular ice cubes

  • Oregano stem


  • Add ice cubes to the serving glass and stir until the glass is chilled and the ice settles at the bottom of the glass.
  • Remove the melted ice water from the glass and fill the glass with fresh ice. Add the gin and chilled herbal syrup. Top up with tonic water.

  • Serving suggestion-garnish: Garnish by placing an oregano stem at the rim of the glass for strong fragrance.
  • Serving glass: Collins.
  • ⇨ Tip: Attention! For a nicer visual effect pour the tonic without it touching the glass or the ice, so the bubbles don’t fizz.

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