Sugar Syrup – Sugar Water – Honey Syrup

Sugar Syrup – Sugar Water – Honey Syrup

Recipe by Our team


  • Sugar

  • Water
    The quantity is adjusted according to the mls needed for the recipe.


  • Simple syrup: Sugar-water ratio is 1:1
  • Medium type syrup: Sugar-water ratio is 1:1.5
  • Rich type syrup: Sugar-water ratio is 1:2
  • Execution
  • In low heat, boil and stir the ingredients until the sugar melts and the mix is clear. Do not overboil.
  • When the syrup is ready, let it cool down. Put the syrup in a sealed container in the fridge where it can be preserved for up to one month.
  • If a recipe mentions honey syrup, it refers to honey diluted with lukewarm water.

    General advice about syrups

    Sugar syrup, normal or scented with spices or flowers etc., is the basic material needed for the creation of most mocktails and the ingredients can be easily purchased in the market provided by numerous companies.

    Sugar syrup contains water and sugar, in various ratios, which we boil in very low temperatures, stirring continuously until the sugar melts and the mix is clear. When the sugar has melted, we remove it from the heat and let it cool down. We do not overboil it. If we do so, its consistency will be spoiled. Typically, we use white granulated sugar, however, we can substitute it with other sweeteners like honey or brown sugar etc.

    Standard or already made syrups have been used for the creation of some mocktails in our site, nevertheless, our team thought it would be best if we suggested in some recipes, ways that you can make them easily at home. Depending on how sweet we want the syrup, we choose simple, medium, or rich syrup or we replace sugar with a substitute of our liking.

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